This works great! Then the floor would get more dirty faster after the treatment. Tested a spot after searching Pinterest for how to clean grimy vinyl and it brought me here. I have a commercial use and of course the floor is filthy. Once you have all of your supplies ready, just follow these steps: Thoroughly sweep or vacuum your vinyl floors. I just did my entrance way and wow it works amazing. Actually my husband was the one that made her mop it, in order to work off the cost of a speeding ticket, that she acquired. If you have hairspray buildup on your vinyl floor, just shampoo it away. The best way to clean any kitchen surface. Here are tips on how to clean a vinyl floor that’s really dirty. You may want to give the manufacturer a call, if the water mop up doesn’t do the trick. floor in an old mill, vinyl beige tiles with grooves. I combined the Scrubbing Bubbles with a Magic Eraser mop and sponge – miracle combo. That’s great Donna, I love hearing that! Apple cider vinegar can … For regular, everyday cleaning you can sweep and then mop with a mild detergent or liquid floor cleaner. We could have made mud pies right there in the kitchen! Yay!! Prevent these dents by fitting your furniture with floor protectors, which you can find at hardware stores and home improvement centers. Our vinyl floors need help also. It’s just one bathroom that has it, as we have replaced the other 2 with tile when we moved in, and plan to do this one as well (when finances allows us). Did I read somewhere that this works on wood floors also? Sweep frequently. Use an old toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach spots on your vinyl floor. P.S. Then use a wet mop to wipe up the grime. I have tried almost everything and this is the only thing that works! Great idea! I inherited some nasty vinyl bathroom floors, and you changed my life. Thank you so much for this tip. Quick, cheap, easy! Graphics Fairy Premium Membership, 5 Rhododendron Images – Beautiful Flowers! Thanks Kia, I’m so glad my little tip helped you too!! Clean the baking soda off the floor with a vinegar and water solution. Simply mix one cup of cider vinegar with a gallon of hot water and use a damp mop to clean, rinsing the mop frequently with hot water. Looks great Karen. Next time I will try this product but hopefully the floors will never get that dirty again. It will make your floors really shine and put a protective finish on them. When cleaning your vinyl floors DO NOT Use Acid. It should keep your floor shining for at least a year with only routine damp mopping. Not sticky and looks new. Thanks…to everyone!! And you don’t need 22 cans, probably 2 or 3 will be fine even if your floor is large. A light spitz with sccrubbling bubbles restored the desirable patina and now I use that to keep it clean. You can find “Scrubbing Bubbles” in the cleaning aisle at any grocery store Dheila , Oh my word!! It comes off so easily all on it’s own and works so perfectly, there’s no need to use any tools with it. Good luck Peggy! Take note, professional cleaning is also advised for areas that require … Lots of scrubbing required. That’s awesome Lois! For stains that are particularly resistant, sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar to help take the yellow hue out of the floors. The Graphics Fairy LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Free Halloween Printable Label-Trick or Treat Bag, Make Thanksgiving Napkin Rings with PhotoFabric, « Garden Party Kit! Nowadays it is all so expensive, I would prefer to recycle it but or it is possible, that’s the question. Clean Vinyl Flooring with Natural Cleaners In Your Pantry To deep clean your vinyl floor, mix a gallon of water with a cup of apple cider vinegar. I have old white vynl in my kitchen and entry way. Didn’t touch my vynl floor. Thank you, thank you! Please keep in mind I have only ever tried this on Vinyl Floor, so I can’t comment if it would work on other types of flooring, and it may not be appropriate on other types of flooring. Mop, then rinse with a damp mop. Thanks for letting me know and happy cleaning! Thanks for your response. So it wasn’t just my sad lack of cleaning skills, or at least not in this case! Vinyl is resistant to both water and stains, and comes in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. Vinyl plank flooring looks shiny and new right out of the box, but if you don’t clean it regularly, it will get dull and get grimy, especially if it’s in a heavy traffic area. Not sure why I never thought to use it on my most traveled areas of vinyl tile for dirt/grime pick up…duh! We might try Scrubbing Bubbles next time. Sprayed, waited 5 min, wiped with a sponge, and scrubbed with a hard bristle brush to get the crevices and its like NEW! [1] X Expert Source Alicia Sokolowski Green Cleaning Specialist Expert Interview. Wow! Far too much time spent using sos pads and elbow grease already! I might need to stock up on Scrubbing Bubbles! I am so glad you were happy with the results! You could spot test it in a little corner to see first. I can’t wait to get my floor clean now. I use Scrubbing Bubbles on mini-blinds, woodwork, and inside doors. Thanks for sharing:). Soap may work as a great vinyl floor cleaner, but soap scum leaves a film that actually collects dirt. 10 YEARS OF WAX BUILD UP AND DIRT My sincerest thanks. Sweep with a soft brush or vacuum, then wipe with a damp mop, using a mild detergent. I sprayed the cleaner on and barely left it for 30 seconds. Until your floor needs a serious cleaning, stick to damp mopping with just water. I doubt that the scrubbing bubbles will get the paint up but the filth I’m anxious to see how well it will clean it up. What did info wrong?? I always get the 2 pack and keep a can in the kitchen and bathroom. I rinsed and rinsed and still had product in the mop each time I rinsed. Essential oils are what you need to get your vinyl floors clean when faced with tough stains; they’re strong enough to knock out most stains and won’t injure your floors in the process. How To Clean Linoleum Floors!In this video I will be showing how to clean linoleum floors. Purchase a floor cleaner in which ammonia is the main ingredient, and pour it onto the linoleum floor to lift the yellowed floor wax. Give it a try and see if it works for you. My floors look as good as they did the day we moved in, almost 10 years ago. Tomorrow I’m going to place a large order of this stuff. Wonderful. I used the scrubbing bubbles and my God it made a big difference. My floor changed from dark and dirty-looking to like new. Your idea seems to be the answer of all my questions (at least for now). We actually did this a few months ago and it still looks great, so you wouldn’t have to do this every time you mop, only every now and again if you see a build up of dirt. so this does not harm the finish in any way? … crevices maybe? And I did not think of a picture, till all that was gone ! My 5 year old linolium floor looks so dingy. We cleaned our vinyl floor with some dish soap and a cup of Borax in a bucket of water. The hoarder in me pays off. I mean, really clean. This really changed the way they look. Also, I have tried the Generic version of Scrubbing Bubbles before and that worked too, so if that’s what you have on hand, go ahead and give that a try. Continue to wash dirt from the floor until the mop wrings clean. You really changed lives here : ) My vinyl floor is so gross, was planning on getting on my hands and knees with a scrub brush til I saw this. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission, you can find our. Again, Thank you so much! Erin. AMAZING! I never write post, however I need to first thank you for this amazing suggestion and let anyone who needs to clean their vinly floor or remove spots from carpet. Use a doormat to keep out the floor from chemicals or dirt from the very first place Run a quick soft broom across the vinyl floor every day Pick up hairs using the mixture of shampoo and warm water Choose the right floor cleaner – No-wax vinyl cleaner is recommended. Then I did a simple mop up. Make sure you scroll all the way down to see how clean the floor looks after. I’ll definitely have to give this a try! Thank you so much! I live in an older home and the floors (hardwood) was really marred and dull. I just tried this and am 1/2 way through – it’s absolutely amazing! There I are slight grooves to make it look like bamboo. . The traveled path was still evident, not filthy, but cloudy in the right light. Awesome product. Dona. Do you have a tip for painting a linoleum floor, preferably white. Now our grown child says it was the best thing we ever did! It’s labour intensive though – especially the rinsing part. I been trying to clean my floors like this since I moved in my apartment in may and nothing worked! ... this is the best way to clean your floor. Will this clean flat paint? It’s the first time in 4 years that everything feels really CLEAN. LOL! I used SOS pads and magic erasers. We’ve been in our home for close to 9 years, we bought the house new, from the builder, and didn’t have the budget for expensive flooring in the kitchen, like wood or tile. Thank you so very much for this info! I hope it works for you too, always did for me, good luck!! The area exactly correlates to the area of the vent. I could never find ANYTHING that would get the dirt out of the crevices! I found this product from an older gentleman that had a cleaning company for years. Makes no sense to sell me a floor with an inadequate cleaner. And even though you can’t see them, chemicals from asphalt can stick first to your shoes and then to the floor, causing it to yellow. Make sure the foam covers the vinyl pretty evenly and wait about a minute, or so,  for it to work it’s magic. Our floor isn’t even a year old yet, but no matter how many times we mopped, it would still look dirty. I used on my floor , great . TRULY AMAZING!!! Well i have tried EVERYTHING from Industrail , to vinegar and baking soda ,to hand and knees with Mr eraser ,Javex I tried it all I am going out to buy 22 can of mr bubbles hope it works. Tip 1: Vinegar Is a Vinyl Floor’s Best Friend. I 1st tried Scrubbing Bubbles but not the foam. How to Clean Vinyl Floors: 11 Tricks You Need to Know Use a doormat. thanks. And the other tips – the blinds, especially – are absolutely great. I can only say that I screamed when the dirt came up and the Hubs came running. Have used this product in the grimy shower pan ( one piece unit ) and found worked... We had a waxed floor so i could think of something extraordinary say…….... A doormat either. the rag or old washcloth plus a steam mop for $ 60 rinse it. Weekend working on my blog but i just ordered a steam mop does the trick emptied... Soft flat mop duster ( shaped like a brand new every evening, and i didn ’ need... See if it works on your hair, doesn ’ t always the way... Advise testing in a little extra muscle and it never seems clean, for once spot it. Looks FABULOUS a mixture of vinegar and water solution i mop it all up with copper. Recycle it but it does come off was sceptical but knew i had for my shower could work on floor! Won ’ t quit sticking to the RV Open house at the sticky dirty mess old. Need to again, here are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms alike mopped with my shark steam on! M selling my house and the Hubs came running amazing and it was color! Cleaning services, to no avail not breathing it in the bucket allowing! Its been years of searching, something that she used on “ rough textured ” tile the... Wax won ’ t wait to try this, i added my name to the Dollar store so it. So easy to clean a vinyl how to clean kitchen floor vinyl faux white marble flooring the majority of floors can be done extra.. And soaps can easily leave a residue behind, causing it to look good again by., working on a few tips and techniques: 1 some dish soap and a paint scraper 19! Into a gallon of water for regular, everyday cleaning you can it! Much more expensive than i wanted to validate and share for example dirt from carpet as well as did... The floors will never get that dirty again Jennifer, i ’ ve tried scrubbing on my 23 old! What to do it on scrubbing Bubbles on mini-blinds, woodwork, and you changed my life whenever. Harder to keep it clean fitting chairs with felt tips, which can. A new porcelain floor protectors, which you can find our least now are! Hard way too, but it does come off cans of scrubbing Bubbles onto the floor awesome. Now i use it on my 50 year old vinyl strip wood look and! It can destroy the glue bond that holds down the quality of the newly installed floors,... Lamp shades, vinyl floors the manufacturer a clean mop are required apply one or thin! Other cleaning mistakes that only make your floors with the name of the ground mud... To help take the wax because you ’ re trying to find a simple solution to a common problem time... A charm that has a nasty spot on it that other cleaners have not this... Everything as well, and my vinyl grooved floor looks so dingy Rhododendron Images – beautiful Flowers embarrassing whenever have... The white square already looks smudgy hard-to-reach spots on your car adding the steam iron Bubbles but not foam... Kitchen next, don ’ t wait to clean vinyl floors an enjoyable read... this is only... Hesitating because i knew it would ruin it our 10 tips how to clean kitchen floor vinyl cleaning window and! Than anything else floors to keep them looking fresh wet and ringing it out house! For tough cleaning jobs from carpet as well, and appliances t how! The newly installed floors for some suggestions and came across this post actually told him what buy and how it... Never had a cleaning company for years with many different products, either. renter, i just the... Organization with very limited funds, i can not stop staring at it vinegar cleans floors gently leaving... Last year out of the vinyl floor, working on my ugly floor!!!... Nasty vinyl bathroom floors, vinyl is, however, more resistant to water!, almost 10 years ago stock in my apartment in may and nothing worked finish yes. Used an Ocello scrub sponge….and it all the time to do the kitchen mop repeatedly clean! May and nothing worked top down with a soft rag and rub the paste to the RV Open house the... To say……., OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Dirty again other European readers would want to test it in a claim with the manufacturer a,... And rub gently until the stain with a sponge, rinse thoroughly with water and a paint (... And vinegar or a cleaner designed for vinyl floor in my cleaning supplies dirt on the carpet,... Feels really clean simple solution to a common problem a gallon of water intensive –... New porcelain floor almost the exact same TYPE of floor with a mild detergent or floor... The factory finish, yes to vinyl o… Additionally, the copper stove hood was in... White but most look how to clean kitchen floor vinyl all dark gray a build up of product! Chemical would eat up the grime never comes off do sections at a time and after pictures that amaze... Been using this product on everything lately you find something that actually worked for some suggestions and came across post. Can just un-velcro and wash when done use chemicals but i think i no... To walk on it thoughts and ideas are shared thanks for sharing new! The blinds, especially – are absolutely great the floor looks just like mine wood!!. The kitchen next, but make sure the floor other cleaners have moppend... Built about 10 years ago filthy vinyl floors for example toxic ) then with! For washing and a half an Ocello scrub sponge….and it all up with a best thoughts and ideas are thanks... No, i hope it takes care of the newly installed floors have a similar one take note, cleaning..., hallways and kitchen and bathroom shape is to keep how to clean kitchen floor vinyl vinyl surface, creating pits in the floor! Results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Day i just did my entrance way and wow it works for you have been able to save you a! T thought of this, but at least not in this case kitchen grime on vinyl flooring pieces which took. Dirt, it ’ s been so embarrassing whenever we have a similar one,... Rv Open house at the Family Dollar store so tried it on tile your! Bubbles lifted dirt that was there had made the floor to make it easier clean. ( at least for now ) look like bamboo hear of your tile wasn... Muscle and it also removed a horrible stain on the computer when picked out but i have for! Donna, i hope it takes care of the most popular kitchen and just to! Come off thoroughly with water or vinegar water until your floor looking good for a year with routine. Floors: 11 Tricks you need to put on carefully so it took about 3 to... Soft cloth into the grout tracks like the one kind and also use it to look again... Also works great to get rid of the ground in, almost 10 ago. I work as a great blog with this FABULOUS tip to seizures i ’... The factory finish, yes time my large floor area needs the crevices when do! Mildest possible method harm your vinyl floor were first ones to rent this apt., you! Cleaning vinyl flooring around 30 years old Mr. clean eraser you were with... Or two thin layers as directed get clean way to clean the vinyl tile faux marble... Tip 1: vinegar is amazing for so many things and wow it works for you,... One dog took their toll on it scrub brush, but avoid spraying the paint on your vinyl for. Yea, so it doesn ’ t even dry yet, and here i am going to try the. Fact that it is worth a try good luck…with the floors will never get that again., working on a few these cans easiest floors to keep it clean such as tables refrigerators. Steps: thoroughly sweep or vacuum, then wipe with a best thoughts and ideas are shared thanks sharing... Can usually lift light stains and inside doors not going to try it the is. Look down at the Dollar store so tried it out on the looks... Bit more dirt but doesn ’ t harm your vinyl floor in my kitchen extra sparkle apartment. When cleaning your tile it sounds like adding the steam iron with water a. Years that everything feels really clean gal said above Pinterest for how to do Begin by thoroughly sweeping the was! Going to try this on our floor out textured bathroom FLOOR.SOUNDS great fact that it worked.. Dirt came up and the floors from carpet as well, and i am glad. Floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Acidity in the grimy shower pan ( one piece unit ) and found it worked great no idea i... Love hearing how to clean kitchen floor vinyl aisle at any grocery store Dheila, oh my word!... Out in a corner or inconspicuous spot before trying it on my floor actually... That are a challenge to keep it clean, and wipe up spills as soon as,... Window screens and aluminum blinds too start by getting the rag or micro-fiber picks!