Z’s Ambition arc consists 4 episodes. Watch episodes 1-2. If you Toriko fan or Dragon Ball fan, you probably liked it. Watch One Piece without filler/Long Drawn out scenes. Just skip it to save your time. But for anime-only watchers, it is hard to distinguished it. We can exclude the fillers But I don’t know if you want to watch them or not. Become an elite-binge-watcher: sign up, earn points, collect digital rewards, and gain access to Bingeclock Chatter! This way you can also get used to the show's pacing and Oda's storytelling style, understanding which will come handy when you reach the later stages of the show. Bleach filler episodes usually have less relevance to the ongoing plot and have unsatisfying fight scenes. So why filler exist in the first place? Likewise, all the bleach filler episodes are perfectly showed in the movies. There are other animes with more episodes like Naruto (426 Canon Episodes) & Bleach (203 Canon Episodes), but they don't cover the same scope of themes and they are stuffed with fillers, not the real story (One Piece at 931 Episodes only had 99 Fillers = 832 Canon). One way of reducing the watch time is to watch Bleach without fillers. Watch episodes 12-14. These episodes feature character arcs for the members he will recruit accros 5 arcs. Infact we have yet to even achieve a point where this arc becomes relevant to the main story but that day will come one day. The arc holds great significance for the great amount of foreshadowing. There’s no point to watch this filler arc. It it also the first arc for Brook as Strawhat crew. Grey's Anatomy. As of Oct 2019, a total of 906 episodes have been aired, out of which 102 are reported to be filler episodes, that’s 12% of the total episodes. It’s not bad to watch and add story depth throughout the arc. The First 44 Episodes focus on the Main Character Luffy looking for members for his pirate crew. It takes place after Loguetown arc before Strawhat Pirates enter into Grand Line. There are 7 and a half filler episode in this arc. When you combine all of the Naruto episodes, you get 640 total and only 238 of them were filler. Don't worry however as the special conveys what's necessary to get invested. With pirate world setting, there are many One Piece characters, including pirates crew, marine, world government and other characters. How To Watch One Piece Without Filler? While One Piece is a slow burner, there is a point where it gets hotter than any girlfriend you have ever had. Back track to 22 years before the present time and the death of then Pirate King, Gold Roger ushered the world into a great pirate era. One Pace: (207) = Long Ring Long Land (22 episodes become 6) Switch: Episodes 229-312 (Water 7 / Enies Lobby - 84 episodes, 76 when you skip filler)(SKIP 279-283, 291,292,303)*Note: One Pace has started Enies Lobby and will consolidate 49 episodes into 26**One Pace can be used for Episodes 263-285 under Enies Lobby (recommended) You get to see the characters develop and get a grasp on their emotional stands which become important. It … Naruto Filler Episodes (FIRST PART): 26, 97, 101-106, 137-140, and 143-219. For quite sometime Bleach filler episodes have been omitted due to its unpopularity. Ruluka Island arc takes place right after Goat Island arc. Many One Piece fans said that G-8 arc is the best filler arc in One Piece and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t waste your time, skip it. The arcs isn't of much importance however you need to watch it as it introduces a new crew member for Luffy, his backstory and his goals. (125 points per hour) * Add a series, marathon, or film to your seen list. In the battle between Strawhat pirates and Foxy pirates, there are several filler episodes which are episode 213 to 216 and additional Foxy’s Return arc in episode 225 to 228. This filler arc takes place after Punk Hazard arc and before Dressrosa arc. It is the first major filler arcs in One Piece. The majority of the fandom will tell you "The Arlong Park" is what gets you hooked on One Piece which spans from 30th to 48th episode. Skip all and just watch the G8 filler arc its the best comedy you'll come across in One Piece.you'll laugh your ass off.I don't regret watching that arc. About 91 of those were filler episodes, Naruto had one of the highest filler percentage at 41%, almost half of all the episodes. One Piece is all about pirates travelling through the vast seas looking for the great treasure named "One Piece." It takes place right after fell from Skypiea. Because of which i advise to skip the arc for the time being and you could watch it later on when you get to the "Time Skip." "You want my treasure? The first 230 episodes, while still great, are like te appetizers before the main course. The one who will find the treasure will earn himseld the title "Pirate King" something which every pirate on the seas wants to become. Let’s do some math, so 930 episodes x (24 minutes – 4 minutes of OPN/END) = 22,316 minutes, or 371 hours, or about 15 days of “nonstop” One Piece. For the manga reader can distinguished between canon or filler episode. The special has cannon material with no filler whatsoever with a runtime of only about 90 minutes. Punk Hazard Arc (Episodes 579–625) After escaping fro… Skip episode 30. Skip episode 3-4. Someone edited all of one piece so it is only stuff from manga/no filler and cut out long drawn on scenes/speed them up. Close. This way you will get to spend more time with the characters and get a better understanding of their motives and the decisions they will make going forward in the series. This filler is pretty watchable and we see more about Bartolomeo character. We now that Loguetown is not filler arcs, but there are 2 filler episodes in this arcs. Naruto Filler Episodes. How To Watch One Piece Without Filler? And since One Piece has more than 870 episodes, and counting, you’d expect it to have a ton of filler episodes as well. Special crossover episode by One Piece and Toriko (episode 492 and 542) and with Dragon Ball (epsode 590). I don’t what the point of this filler. It’s just minor filler, you can skip it or watch it. Skip episode 10-11. (1-4) and its ending is Memories (1-4). Watch One Piece without filler/Long Drawn out scenes. Episode 57-71. He is so obsessed with his dream, his catchphrase is actually "I am Luffy and i will be the king of pirates" and he doesn't lets a single opportunity slide to let others know of it. That would still require them … List of One Piece episodes: It's true with DBZ as you it's only after Saiyan Saga that most get hooked on it. It is a completed celebrated Manga/Anime that despite it's story-telling, narrative and character caricatures, is a genuine effort that succeeds in re-emphasizing the mythical story of a successful hero's journey. So none of the fillers have any connections to the canon storyline and you can skip it. Game of Thrones. Along with these, there are a total of 103 filler episodes (One Piece Filler List), One Piece has a low filler percentage of 11%. The problem is, they quit early on within 20 or 30 episodes which is nowhere near enough time to get invested in a Shounen Anime.