14. Never heard of that websie. Name. Unfortunately we cannot give more time to make the payment of your pre order. I had two pre-orders they could not fulfill. It never shipped out, so i opened a ticket. Anyone know whats happening with Toysdaily? 22. Join the 168 people who’ve already reviewed 株式会社 Nippon-Yasan.Com. I have bought lots off figures from them … Next to your order number it will say “apply a voucher” please select the voucher you want use inside the list. 19. there is a big difference! Nippon-Yasan.Com NEVER STORE OR MONITOR Credit Card Information, all information is sent directly from the user browser to the Payment Company System. Welcome Guest. It was very easy and straightforward. Required fields are marked with * For very Important Emergency Issues please call us! It was a big pricy figure so I used this shipping. Your package arrive at the office in charge to ship at the international level. Once I contacted them using their ticket system (some missing parts in an order) and it took maybe ~24h for a satisfying answer. 13. Sub-Total You will have to wait until the release of the product if you still want order the product. How I receive the Digital delivery code? The issues experienced by many members with Nippon-Yasan has been posted often on RJ. Slow response times, closing tickets without a response etc. Bootlegs were sold from this store BLOG #16178. It's not worth it for NY anymore. Want to save money on Nippon-Yasan Coupon itmes? Saint Seiya, Figma, 1/6 Hot Toys, Diecast Action figures. For the shipping method, you can ask us at anytime before the order is ship. 9. Your account can be close for those following reasons: How long does it take to process my order? To create an account, you will have to go on “sign in”, the section create an account and follow the different steps. This shop requires JavaScript to run correctly. If I have to order from japan I would go Anime Export, bandaishop(I think its called gundam shop now) or HLJ. NY cancelled my account - but hey, I won't be using them anymore. It's unfortunate that such a shoddy seller might be the only chance someone has to get something. The release date was changed from 30 IX to 19 X, they still haven't shipped mine and my customer service ticket has been left for six days already. If you finds that one or more products to your order is/are missing, you have to inform us immediately, so that we can proceed quickly to the correction of this or these forgetting (s). Used to use Nippon Yasan a lot but sometime towards the end of 2019 they went to shit. My parcel has been sent back to the sender. Can I use a coupon / discount code when I making a new pre order/order ? Your package has been delivered at the final address. They used to be good, if a bit slow, but they've gone downhill in the past year. About. When the sales or promotions are finished, the product will go back to the normal price. 0¥. https://www.post.japanpost.jp/ 2020-11-27, https://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-en/content/34-Transi-logistic. Can I return an order I do not want anymore? 0¥ The information that will be transmitted by  you will remain confidential and secure. They have the online chat, but those guys cannot do anything other than escalate your ticket. ------------------------------------------. Any order placed on the Site may be subject to taxes and customs duties that are imposed when the package reaches its destination. has anyone see this kit fore sale.. please if anyone, let me know.! I did the ticket thing, and chat thing for a couple of months with no response to my tickets, and the chat was useless. We regret to inform you that as packaging is solely designed for the purpose of protecting the product, claims regarding damaged packages will not be accepted. Anybody else order their digivice through Nippon Yasan? Can I request for a product is not on the website? We will inform  you and give you the reasons for this additional cost. All pictures of product are on the website, you have to check online if you want see the product, we do not send more pictures even if you ask for it. Sorry to hear that, Borg. How to create an account on Nippon-yasan? Asked for a refund, and received store credit. You can send us a message to ask us to find a specific product. I chose to pay later so money refunds are not needed. However, this year, just last month, I placed two orders on Nippon Yasan for figures that were in stock. I had to submit multiple tickets to change shipping to DHL, paid for the extra, then they shipped pretty quickly after that. 16. Yes it’s possible before the payment. Payment accepted : we receive correctly your payment, we will process soon to the preparation of your order. Sorry to hear about another issue from Nippon Yasan and I hope you can get the issue resolved. Tokusatsu, Super Sentai, Kaiju, Ultraman, Garo, Kamen Rider. Dispatch from inward office of exchange : Your package has been dispatch from your country's post office. Wouldnt recommend them to anyone but different strokes for different folks. Toysdaily? Took me months to finally get my SoC Renewal Leopardon. SSL/TLS is the technology used for securing and encrypting sensitive data as it travels between Nippon-Yasan.Com and the Payment Company Systems. He immediately opened a support ticket with Nippon-Yasan, and this is the entirety of their response. I got an email with the following message from Nippon Yasan: "Thank you for your purchase. The cost of shipping won’t be refund in the case of a package returned to us by the shipping company as undelivered, unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason. It can take up to 3-4 days to process an order. www.robotjapan.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=RBay&action=display&thread=15021&page=1, cdn.mobilesyrup.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/nes-lego-set.jpg. Our orders are definitive. OCProwl Autobot Dad. Have been waiting for like 2 months now for my package. I had a similar experience with them this year. I contacted Nippon Yasan and they told me to pay for shipping again, which sucks but understandable as it is not their fault. Here are many Nippon-Yasan Coupon coupons and promo codes for 2016 and get one Nippon-Yasan Coupon coupons. Phone Customer Service is available at the following times: You will have to check your email account to see the code. Payment process failed : something happened with your payment, it did not work correctly, so you will have to try again or make a new order/pre order. I actually had two figures on order, the other was regular retail. Nippon-yasan.com Was this reply helpful? set incoming... heya guys... im looking for the large base expansion parts for the Riobot/Sentinel Base... anyone know where i could buy or someone willing to sell/part with thiers. Here is the story: Case 1. If you want a new shipment, we will process to the shipment if we can, the shipping cost will be at your charge. Our orders are definitive so we do not accept the return. Here all information: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-en/content/34-Transi-logistic. better stay away PS: searching with more than 1 word in the query doesn't work properly Have been waiting for like 2 months now for my package. Part of the reason they get stock later compared to others is they're not located in the main island. OCProwl, Jan 6, 2021 #160. I'm pretty certain they took my money, but weren't able to secure enough stock to fill my order for the TWE figure, and are playing a game to hold onto the money. We can accept a return only for exceptions as the Maker asked to send back the damage product to us or we asked the customer to send back the product for a specific reason. Just curious, has anyone ever had any luck actually calling instead of just opening tickets? 20. Hi ED long time no activity here sorry... New life, new projects. Nippon-Yasan.com. Warning: this shop is selling bootlegs. Nippon-Yasan.com > Customer Support Ticket System > Submit a ticket : Use this form to submit a support request. Today, I've filed a PayPal dispute against Nippon-Yasan (NY) for my preordered DX Voltes V. Dang must be terrible management or turnover there were people don’t give AF anymore. What means pre order no more available? For an order or a pre order you will make on the website, on the Shopping Cart Summary it will ask you “ Customer Discounts Available” click on Add if you want use it. yes / no Date: 2015-11-18 01:05:10 Name: . The code for a prepaid card is send by email. I have bought lots off figures from them … You can use a discount code for a pre order not pay. We are contacting you regarding this order. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. I remember them being like one of TWE websites to go too. This COVID may or may not compound company issues, if any. They have not responded to my ticket yet asking WTF. Sucks hope you get your money back. Sorry that you are going through that but you are definitely not alone. Haven’t ordered from them in awhile but I definitely won’t be using NY as an option anymore. Nippon-Yasan.Com are doing sales and promotions sometimes. You cannot access to your account for multiples reasons. I also had a big issue with NY when I preordered the gx-71 reissue and gx-88. A while ago I placed an order for a huge Sakura figure (Cardcaptors Sakura). 29 talking about this. The use of TLS prevents man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), which occur when bad actors secretly intercept and possibly modify sensitive user data and credentials via insecure networks. But a month has passed and they hasn’t been shipped yet. E-Mail Hello Thank you for your message This product is new our stock coming from GoodSmile itself plus we are very careful with those You receive a official product unfortunately not well finished but it is 100% it is not a bootleg . We do not accept cancellation for order already paid whatever will be the reason of the customer, it’s the same for pre order already paid. How behind they are in receiving stock may also depend on other factors such as do the shipments come directly from the factory or does it make a pit stop somewhere else in Japan. The use of TLS prevents man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), which occur when bad actors secretly intercept and possibly modify sensitive user data and credentials via insecure networks. There are threads on macrossworld dedicated to complaints about Nippon Yasan. Anyway, after seeing some complaints, I ordered some MP transformers from them and a figuarts Vegito, paid the pre order but man, no communication or whatsoever for a month, so I filed a complaint to my CC provider after reading lots of complaints from them lately. Your experience can help others make better choices. These customs duties and any taxes related to the delivery of an item are the responsibility of the Buyer. There is a lot you CAN do here you just refuse to do anything. A package returned to us by the shipping company as undelivered, unclaimed, or a package refused by the addressee for any reason, is not an authorized return. nippon yasan didn't tell me visibly beforehand that the stock item will be shipped together with the pre-ordered one (7 months later) support's answer to any requests was just: "no" tl;dr: horrible support, shipping details hidden regarding pre-orders. Which warranty is applied to your products? Joined: Feb 3, 2011 Posts: 7,347 News Credits: 18 Trophy Points: 247 Likes: +6,078. Picked an in-stock item to just be done with it. When the pre order is no more available, it’s means, we cannot offer the product anymore. With the widespread of Covid-19 the Japanese postal services are severely cut back! Web Shop since 2011. www.nippon-yasan.com Your package is held at your local post office , you will need to go collect it. Problem with Nippon Yasan is that you have to BABYSIT THEM, because they only told me anything was wrong only because I asked via multiple support tickets. Yes, our website is secure for the payment. We do not allow customers to have more than one account. What is your policy about Disputes & Chargeback? Soul of Chogokin, Super Robot Chogokin, Fewture, Brave Gokin. I won't be. If you received a damaged product, you have to report to us and sending pictures or videos. I know if you cancel an order from them, they can ban you from buying from them again but I had no plans to after that bs they feed me about their shipment. To the OP: You should have credit card protection offered directly from Visa/Mastercard/AMEX that is linked to your PayPal. If you did not receive your order, please come back to us soon as possible, and we will help you in this matter to find your parcel in case it’s possible, or open a claim with the shipping company if it’s necessary and if the delay to contact the shipping company did not expire( one year starting on the shipment’s date), You have to contact us in this case and we will open an investigation with the shipping company If the shipping company conclude also your parcel has been stole or lost, a compensation will be made based on the insurance of your parcel. One can never have enough robots. Due for security reasons we are not authorized to ship battery. If you received a wrong product, you have to inform us immediately. It was a big pricy figure so I used this shipping. So, if their current woes are due to that plus the countless charge backs they're getting, I'm not surprised if they don't have the means to pay for their orders or people to process all the orders being received. All the orders with items in stock ordered with an item in pre order will be sent with the pre order. Please do not buy any item from this website. S.H.E. Average rating. Had to open a ticket for chargeback from PP, still waiting on resolution. All products are under the warranty of the Maker. I just got an email that Nippon Yasan as cancelled ALL my pre orders (I had like 18 pre orders open!!!) I finally this week got a refund on an order I placed in November 2019 for a figure that was listed as in stock when I placed the order. We reserves the right to ask you for additional information in order to check the correspondence between the credit card used and  your identity. Please Login or Register. Nippon-Yasan additional shipping scam. For all MP lovers, MP-52 Starscream japan preorder will be this october 9th <3, I really want a hi-res image of that Voltes V poster in the backgroud of DX Voltes V from the picture in Tamashii Nations 2020, Fell si am super interested in buying this item..GLOBAL 1/6 scale Resin Kit Chodenji Machine: Voltes V Megumi Oka, i have seen it here posted.. and i have tried to contact the person who posted it.. Garu, but i have gotten no response from him. You made a mistake in your email address or your password, your account has been closed due to a paypal dispute , chargeback or too many cancellations. Is using nippon yasan worth it? The status of my order/pre order is canceled? 5. Dispatch from outward office of exchange : Your package has left Japan and is now in Transit (the next update will be when the package arrives in your country). What means those status: Payment accepted Payment process failed Payment pending? My order have different release date or pre order and stock product. Ordered, took my payment and sat on it for 1 month. Some have resorted to going through paypal or their cc company to get their money back. What is the Japan post Tracking Status? They even made him upgrade to UPS and still didn't send it out. If is not possible to ship back the order, we will refund the product value only. It's unfortunate and something that is unexplainable for a vendor that many of us used to buy regularly from. No response 2) Chat live. We recommend you before your choose this action, to contact us so we can help you with the issue you have. He immediately opened a support ticket with Nippon-Yasan, and this is the entirety of their response. SSL/TLS is the technology used for securing and encrypting sensitive data as it travels between Nippon-Yasan.Com and the Payment Company Systems. EMS is still in limbo as far as I know. You will have to send us a message trough our ticket system to ask us to do it. Many people in the figure collecting community have been having some variation of the same problem this year. Nippon-Yasan.com > Customer Support Ticket System: Current Japanese Time In this case, we will contact the Maker and the Maker will take the measure appropriate to help you with the damaged product. You can have a discount for a product during this period. Multiple tickets opened... and all they say at the end is sorry for the inconvenience. Your package is Held by the customs agent they will contact you to request more information if necessary. Direct Import from Japan! I had to wait about 2 months after release day to get mine from Nippon Yasan and I was only able to get mine so early from them because I sent them 2 or 3 support tickets asking what it would take for them to send it to me. But some figures (all Miku) can no longer be ordered!!! Nippon-Yasan Prev Next Prev Next. It's really sad to see a business such as that devolve to what it is now. There was another user that just got his X3 THIS MONTH from Nippon Yasan because they never told … It's raining SOC PREORDERS and DX VF-1S ROY FOKKER is coming. Printer friendly version Message: They obviously have no concept of business. I would suggest that if you want Nippon-Yasan to respond to your tickets maybe try sending messages with polite language and using words like "may I" instead of "you will" or "can" and then maybe Nippon-Yasan will treat you extra nice for doing them that curtesy, nobody likes dealing with irate customers (even if it is an understandable situation). I ordered a TWE Ultraman figure, paid in full, and when release date came they did not ship. 6. Their site has been down for over twelve hours already. Nippon Yasan Nippon Yasan - check ticket PSD-ES9-D6XX Your communication is catastrophic! : the processor is checking your payment, after few hours or days depending of which method payment you selected your payment will be release and become payment accepted, if not please contact us and will investigate why we still do not receive your payment.