Though I really love the theory of DJ being Ezra hehe. Luke's exploration of some old Jedi ruins goes terribly wrong after he meets a strange man named Ezra. Ezra and Sabine had a daughter name Mira, Hera's son Jacen Syndulla and her daughter Dawn Synudlla had join the Jedi academy. Ezra sheepishly smiled and looked away from Kanan a little bit. This is unfortunate, since his works contain priceless gems of information that are found nowhere except in the ancient writings of the Jews. The Mandalorian live-action TV series is set between eras of the Star Wars saga. Perhaps close to Luke Skywalker's own age. The scene came near the beginning of the episode, as Ezra (he's the guy with bluish hair below) wandered into a market. ©2021 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. He's certainly better with his sabre than Luke is through the original movies as Vader always went easy on Luke, except the bit where Luke nicked his shoulder and Vader got mad leading to him quickly overpowering and disarming Luke - literally by cutting off his hand. Leia grew up as royalty and holds herself like a princess in line for the throne. Luke was born in 19 BBY, making him about 28 in the Season 2 finale. So rest assured that Ezra Bridger is older than Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa by a day if not more. The older gentleman in the foreground is none other than... General Luke Skywalker. The cameo is a very geeky reference to "The Star Wars," the Dark Horse comic series based on George Lucas' original draft for the first movie. At this point in the saga, the Luke we know shouldn't be any older than Ezra, right? His name is Ezra Bridger, and he is about to change Luke's life for good. Born in 19 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), Ezra would be about 28 if he were to appear on The Mandalorian, paving the way for Disney to cast an older actor in the role. Driving out into the desert, he discovers an unconscious young man lying in the sand. Again, with the series set only five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, Hamill's Luke shouldn't look significantly older than he did in 1983. Ezra 7 New International Version (NIV) Ezra Comes to Jerusalem. The first season of The Mandalorian has come to an end, and the finale concluded with a new mission for Mando that could ideally place him in the path of none other than Ezra … The Book of Ezra is a book of the Hebrew Bible; which formerly included the Book of Nehemiah in a single book, commonly distinguished in scholarship as Ezra–Nehemiah.The two became separated with the first printed rabbinic bibles of the early 16th century, following late medieval Latin Christian tradition. He finds himself in another world where his father and mother are very much alive, and, unfortunately, so is … Ezra 3:7. Ezra is certainly not the longest tenured Jedi. Ezra Bridger was born in 3258 LY, on the day of the inception of the Galactic Empire, and grew up on the planet Lothal in the Outer Rim Territories. Click to skip. Luke is 19 when ANH begins....I'm not sure who would be older … He's also older than Ezra, which lines up with how decrepit Snoke looks -- and last we saw him, he appeared to die in a explosion, so that would explain why his face is all messed up. Once he swallowed he said calmly "Yeah, mine is adopted though." Ezra, on the other hand, grew up as a street rat and basically still is one. R2-D2 and C-3PO were the first big cameos, but the latest episode featured a cameo by an iconic "Star Wars" character... Just not in the form you're familiar with. Ezra, religious leader of the Jews who returned from exile in Babylon, reformer who reconstituted the Jewish community on the basis of the Torah (Law, or the regulations of the first five books of the Old Testament). MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC, Here's The Luke Skywalker Easter Egg You Probably Missed In 'Star Wars Rebels'. His work helped make Judaism a religion in which law was central, enabling the Amazon's The Lord of the Rings Prequel: The Second Age Explained, Where to Buy 2021 Gaming Laptops with the Newest GeForce RTX 3060, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 Video Cards, The Best PlayStation Deals for January 2021, Cyberpunk 2077: Official Modding Tools Released, Netflix's Vikings: Valhalla Cast Announced, Magic: Legends Blends Diablo with the Classic CCG in Some Exciting Ways, Borderlands Movie: Kevin Hart Officially Joins the Cast, Nintendo Reveals Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch Model. Luke rebuild the Jedi Order on old base on Yavin 4. So allow me to explain. In all versions of the canon, Luke … He now is referred to as “the God of heaven.” That title is used 9 times in Ezra, more than in any other book of the Bible. Kanan just kept coolly drinking his drink. Part of the promise of setting "Star Wars Rebels" in between the two trilogies was that we could see familiar characters during a period that we don't know much about. Though I got to say, when Leia appeared on Rebels, she appears to be few years older than Ezra. New Fan Art Imagines An Older Ezra Bridger Joining The Mandalorian. How is that possible? At this point in the saga, the Luke we know shouldn't be any older than Ezra, right? In that version, General Luke Skywalker fills in the Ben Kenobi role, acting as a mentor to the young Annikin Starkiller. - He is the same age as Luke & an argument can be made that he displays more Force sensitivity at 14 than Luke does 5 years later at the age of 19. Sixteen-year-old Luke is working on his uncle's moisture farm when he senses a kindred spirit in distress. So allow me to explain. Ahsoka Tano a.k.a. The cameo is a very geeky reference to "The … Again, with the series set only five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, Hamill's Luke shouldn't look significantly older than he did in 1983. 1 of 2 . The character ended up being Luke ... to keep my involvement a secret for over a year with no leaks is nothing less than a miracle. Ezra isn't that bad of a duelest by the time Rebels ends. But he took to it like a fish takes to water. Ezra and Sabine got married. That's why the series had to rely so heavily on CGI to de-age Hamill. Ezra was 14 when Rebels started and each season has a six month time jump between the next. Ashla a.k.a. The only real advantage I think Ezra and Kanan have is that canon/RotJ Luke hasn't had any experience in fighting more than one Force user at a time. It is used 10 times in other post-exilic books (2 Chronicles, Nehemiah, and Daniel), and elsewhere in the Old Testament only 4 times (Martin, p. 655). Luke Skywalker is actively looking for other Jedi, Ezra Bridger isn't. For someone as old as himself Luke thought it was kind of funny to see confident Ezra, acting like a shy kid. Ezra Bridger. Luke Skywalker was a male human that was the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala and the older twin brother of Leia Organa, born a couple days after the transformation of the Galactic Empire also known as "Empire Day". This will be familiar stuff to fans of The Clone Wars animated series, but we'll get through it quickly. Luke started his Jedi training at a way later age than most normal Jedi. And the kicker is, even with PtL, hull and Chewie, he's still 2 points more than a naked Luke, and cheaper than a kitted out Luke. Meat, and drink, and oil, unto them of Zidon and Tyre — The inhabitants of those towns wanted provisions more than money, as appears by the history of Solomon’s building, 1 Kings 5:10. Plus, girls mature quicker than boys. ... Lucasfilm Reportedly Under Pressure To Drop Luke Skywalker And Baby Yoda Storyline. Snips a.k.a. He preached in the same church as C. H. Spurgeon over one hundred years earlier. And lightly pushed Ezra… (The book is a very good read, and you can pick up the collection here.) That place had been destroyed because of the sins of His people. Even after he's trained as a jedi, in his unguarded moments, he's still a lot kid. Perhaps close to Luke Skywalker's own age. This level of logic & common sense doesn't apply to Star Wars in terms of travel & time … Leia looks older than Luke too and they're exactly the same age. He wasn’t labeled the chosen one and he wasn’t the last hope in the galaxy. Have you watched Star Wars: The Mandalorian? Little One a.k.a. Sohka a.k.a. According to the timeline, Ezra would be as old in Star Wars 9 as Obi-Wan was in A New Hope. "The Jedi" was a particularly huge episode for fans of Star Wars Rebels, as it hinted at … At the end of Star Wars Rebels, all the main characters ended in a definitive spot except for the show's main protagonist, the young Ezra Bridger. With minimal teaching and stressful conditions, Luke learned to be one powerful Jedi Knight. He lived on Tatooine in Lars Moisture Farm, under the care of his aunt and uncle. The cameo probably isn't anything more than an Easter egg for diehard fans, but it's nice to see the "Rebels" creators paying some service the "Star Wars" addicts out there. Yet most people today have never heard of John Gill. the megaton cameo in the Season 2 finale... where exactly The Mandalorian falls in that timeline, Ahsoka is 45 years old in her Mandalorian debut, Ahsoka's cameo role in The Rise of Skywalker, dragged to the far end of the galaxy in the finale of Rebels, the novel Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising, Hera's ship The Ghost is present during The Battle of Exegol, Sabine Wren will appear in The Mandalorian, why some Mandalorians can't remove their helmets, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. And in his final moments, Luke Skywalker pulled off one of the greatest tricks I've ever seen a Jedi perform. To bring cedar- trees from Lebanon — Tyre and Zidon now, as of old, furnished them with workmen, and Lebanon with timber, orders for both which they had from Cyrus. So, counting Ahsoka and Ezra, that’s two living Jedi who were more proficient than Luke during the events of the original trilogy. After the Battle of Endor, the Rebellion is formed into the New Republic and control the former imperial capital on Coruscant.