These big fish are special to the Hood Canal. I know all bottom fishing is closed in area 12 which is everything south of the bridge, and salmon fishing is closed to the north. Bottom fishing for Pacific halibut, rockfish and lingcod is closed until further notice by the WDFW. So I want to go out tomorrow to the hood canal bridge and fish those berkley gulp jigs like I was in freshwater bay. Hood Canal Chinook & Coho Fishing When : This fishery is divided into basically 3 different fisheries. The Sea Run Cutthroat populations are uniquely strong in this giant estuary due the light fishing pressure, protected spawning streams, and … These are just a few of the reasons we love sharing the Hood Canal with you! Pack those waders, rods, reels and a handful of Sea-Run Cutthroat flies and you have the makings of a SRC angler. That would be wife, step daughter and step son. Furthermore, the Hood Canal just has a more of them than anywhere in Puget Sound. The nice part about this fishery is that anglers can literally transition their stream and lake gear right into Sea-Run Cuttthroat fishing on Hood Canal and Puget Sound. By land, beach access sometimes is denied by property owners. If you can brave the cold winter, it is a great time to test your angling skills with some of the best shallow water sight fishing of the year. Went to a long time friends on Hood Canal with part of my family. From a boat, fishing the shore is virtually unlimited. But it doesn't say anything about bottom fishing … Hood Canal area fishing and crabbing Discussion in 'Let's Talk Fishin'! For information on boat rentals, charters, special events, moorage reservations, water conditions and more, please visit our Canal Resources page. The southern section below the Ayock Point 47-30-217 123-03-019 east … Hood Canal is a unique section of Puget Sound that varies greatly in water temperature, tides, and bait throughout the seasons. With a history that spans generations on Hood Canal, Cindy Sund, owner of Hood Canal Charters, has become the area's unofficial marine concierge. Now that the Governor Inslee has opened up the ability to go fishing, and also hire a guide we are back in business taking clients out on the water. Chum fry are still frolicking along the shore lines of Hood Canal and SRCs are actively feeding on them and engaged in whole heartedly eating away at them as a vital fat producing food source. The heart of beach fishing is pounding loudest in central and south Puget Sound and Hood Canal with somewhat lesser flutterings in the dozens of irregularly-shaped bays and sounds on Camano and eastern Whidbey islands, and even the tapered beaches along the south shore of Juan de Fuca Strait. The Hood Canal fishery is centered on several species of salmon, with sturgeon, sea-run trout and mackerel also available. Hood Canal extends for about 50 miles and separates the Kitsap Peninsula from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. From natural history to current conditions and activities, Cindy can put you on course.